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Body Care Products: Luxurious and Natural

Posted: December 11, 2007

Around the globe, new product development for lotions, massage oils and other body care products has followed the general consumer trend towards more natural, botanical personal care. Since these products are applied directly to the skin and provide scent, pleasure and enjoyment rank high in their marketplace success. Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) sees body care products moving quickly towards natural, while maintaining a strong foothold in indulgence.

Consumers are increasingly interested in any body lotion or skin oil product made with natural or organic ingredients, because they perceive those products as gentler on the skin and purer to the body. In the United States, 31% of consumers look for all-natural body lotions, while, similarily, in the United Kingdom, one-third of women prefer body care products made with natural ingredients.

As a result of this sustained interest in natural skin care (or at least perceived to be more natural), botanical/herbal has steadily emerged as the top benefit claim of new body care product development. Around the globe, various aromatic plants and herbs—ranging from aloe vera to chamomile to almond oil—reign popular in body lotions and oils, claiming to bring more natural skin-caring benefits to consumers. In France, Ciel d'Azur en Provence’s Pur Aloé Lait Corporel à l'Aloe Vera (aloe vera body milk) claims to respect the wearer’s natural pH, while reinforcing the skin’s natural lipid barrier. This natural formulation is then scented with ylang-ylang essential oil for added consumer benefit and enjoyment.

Fruits and vegetables also feature prominently in new body lotion, cream and oil products. Mintel GNPD has reported everything from guava to tomato to a “smoothie” blend, as manufacturers strive to give their skin care products a bright and natural positioning. Japanese company B&C Laboratories markets Satsuma Orange MM Moist Cream N for the hands. The hand cream is made from two types of satsuma-orange derivatives, plant collagen and okra extract for maximum moisturization.

Flowers are another botanical ingredient that bode well on the natural and enjoyment fronts, as consumers traditionally love floral scents. Familiar fragrances such as rose and less-familiar scents such as passionflower have been featured in new body care product development.