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Top Personal Care Fragrances in 2007

Posted: December 21, 2007

2007 smelled great … in new product development at least. Worldwide, manufacturers added light, joyful fragrances to household and personal care products to entice shoppers. With aromas inspired by nature, the top five new product fragrances of 2007 delicately echoed general consumer trends toward a more natural lifestyle. (Worth noting, the top fragrance for household and personal care products in 2007 was in fact “unfragranced,” the most "natural" fragrance of all.) Without further ado, Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) reveals the top scents for non-food new product development in 2007.

1. Lemon

Lemon is a common, popular scent for household cleaning products, especially those used in the kitchen and bath. Its bright, citrusy aroma brings an automatic connotation of clean and pure to anything it touches. Dongguan Huaxing Cosmetic took a leap in China, however, by reformulating its Shenbao High-Effective Whitening Detergent Powder with a lemon fragrance. Claiming to penetrate into clothing to remove stubborn stains and dirt, the product promises to wash and whiten clothes with a rich, lightly scented lather.

2. Lavender

Relaxing and inherently calming, lavender is a very familiar scent in body and personal care products. It is an essential oil with a long history of soothing tired, over-worked minds and bodies. EO put this longevity to use in Canada with its organic, plant-based hand sanitizer. Moisturizing and sanitizing skin with no need for water, EO Hand Sanitizer is a more natural alternative to chemical-laden hand sanitizers. It contains an organic lavender fragrance.