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Building a Better Molecule

Price, performance, regulatory compliance and olfactive novelty—what does it take for a new fragrance ingredient to be added to the perfumer’s palette?

Progress in Essential Oils

This edition explores the composition of patchouli oil and extracts.

Brazil: An Insider’s Perspective on the World’s Largest Fragrance Market

What captivates Brazilian consumers and where is this still-developing market headed in the coming years?

Hungarian Beauty— Fragrances in the Wild East

A rich fragrance heritage disrupted by political upheavals reinvents itself amidst a price-sensitive consumer environment.

(Re)Formulating the Future of Health and Wellness

From low-in products to natural offerings to functional foods and beverages to cosmetic actives, the flavor and fragrance industry is poised to play a multi-faceted role in addressing consumer wellbeing.

Progress in Essential Oils: Basil Oil, Part 2

The present article is part two in a series of two that provides the findings of various researchers on the chemical constituents in basil oil. Part 1 appeared in the May 2014 edition of Perfumer & Flavorist.

Rethinking Fragrance

Years ago, one could say that a great advertising campaign with a sexy or romantic theme would easily lure the consumer to the counter to make a purchase. The cliché that “sex sells” is not necessarily the case anymore. This article compares the olfactive and retail landscapes of then and now, challenges in the perfumery landscape, fragrance and brand DNA, and more.

Sunken Treasure

In June 2011, a team of divers conducted an archaeological excavation of a Civil War blockade runner ship that sunk in 1864 off the south shore of Bermuda. They resurrected a long-lost 19th-century fragrance. The present article tells this tale and examines the samples found—from bottle design to chemical analysis.

Study: Pleasant Smells Increase Facial Attractiveness

Women’s faces were rated as more attractive in the presence of pleasant odors; odor pleasantness had less effect on the evaluation of age.

Seven: Rhubarb, Mint and Tea Aromas Will Be Hot in Spring/Summer '15

Fruity rhubarb, cool mint and the re-appearance of fresh tea notes are among Seven Scent’s top picks for next year’s spring/summer fragrance collections.

Euromonitor: Celebrity Scents Losing Their Sparkle

Celebrity fragrances comprised about 11% of the U.S. fragrances market in 2013, down from 12% in 2012, according to the market research firm.

Coming Clean on Sustainability

Brian Sansoni, of the American Cleaning Institute speaks about how ACI and its members are tackling sustainability issues.

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