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Vetiver Oils Market Grows Through 2022

According to a recent Fact.MR report, the vetiver oils market is expected to see strong growth due to its use in cosmetic and perfume products.

Global Essential Oil Market Grows Through 2023

The global essential oil market is projected to see strong growth through 2023, due to its use in fragrance and flavors and the rise of aromatherapy.

Pantone Color of the Year 2018: Ultra Violet

"From exploring new technologies and the greater galaxy to artistic expression and spiritual reflection, intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come."

Ariana Grande Fragrances Hit $150 Million Global

Luxe Brands has announced the Ariana Grande fragrance brands has exceeded $150 million in retail sales.

Florol Market Sees Growth Through 2024

A recent report looked at the florol market, which is expected to see growth due to the rising demand for perfume and florols use in soaps and detergents.

Australian Chemical Reform in Action

The Australian government released a proposal to change its national chemical notification scheme earlier this year, which will include a ban on animal testing. Interestingly, it allows for risk-based regulation.

From Fresh to Floral With A. N. Other Launch

A. N. Other has launched a line of four gender-neutral fragrances with woody, oriental, floral and fresh scents.

[Podcast] The Story of Perfume With Mandy Aftel

In the latest episode of Two Sense, P&F sat down with renowned natural perfumer Mandy Aftel to discuss the history of fragrance and the interaction between fragrance and flavor.

Kim Kardashian Enters Fragrance Market

Kim Kardashian West has launched KKW Fragrance, a series of three fragrance that includes notes of gardenia, citrus and oud.

Perfume Experiences the Gender Revolution

According to a GlobalData report, gender-neutral fragrances are expected to see strong growth due to many consumers preferring to use scent as a way to express themselves, despite gender norms.

Editor's Note: F&F Advocacy & Communication

How do regulatory, R&D, creatives, marketers and product developers unite under evolving environmental, social, political, cultural, technological and creative landscapes?

Synthesizing the Future

How can brands, suppliers and the F&F industry as a whole create the message that synthetics are safe and effective to use for consumers, and for the planet?

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