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Study Reveals Odors Are Expressible in Language

A recent study noted the long-held assumption that people are bad at naming smells is not universally true. Odors are expressible in language, as long as you speak the right language.

NPD: Fragrance Had Largest Price Increase in Premium Beauty Category

NPD said fragrance is the category that had the highest average selling price, largest price increase, and most significant increase in unit sales of premium priced products for the 12 months ending November 2013.

WFFC Fall Tech Seminar Addresses Ingredients & Reformulations

Reflections from the annual fall technical seminar of the Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce.

IFRA Applauds EU's Proposal for Directive to Protect Know-how

The EU Commission's recently issued draft directive introduces a common definition of trade secrets, as well as means through which victims of trade secret misappropriation can obtain redress.

Study Finds Extensive Variability in Olfactory Receptors

Monell researchers have found that as much as 30 percent of the large array of human olfactory receptor differs between any two individuals.

Stephen Manheimer Looks Back at 40 Years of Game Changers

Much has changed since the 1974 meeting of the Essential Oil Association (EOA), according to Stephen Manheimer.

Progress in Essential Oils: Cinnamon Bark Oil and Extract, and Helichrysum Oil

In his regularly featured column, consultant Brian Lawrence reviews the findings of a number of researchers on the constituents in various essential oils. This month, he highlights two oils: cinnamon bark oil and extract, and helichrysum oil.

Researcher Develops Hydroperoxide Detection Method for Fragrance Allergens

Research from the University of Gothenburg has led to a potential method for identifying allergenic fragrance compounds in consumer products by exposing them to air.

Innova Market Insights Reveals Top 10 Food & Beverage Trends for '14

The latest trends impacting the food industry include moves to reduce the huge amount of food waste, as consumers simultaneously adapt their habits in times of continuing austerity.

Report: 15% of US Respondents Plan to Buy Fragrance this Holiday

U.S. consumers are expected to spend the same amount this holiday shopping season or more than last year, according to data from a recent NPD Holiday Spending survey.

Progress in Essential Oils

The present article reviews clementine oil and clove oils.

Out of Africa

Creating successful fragrances for consumer products in African markets is not only about embracing the latest trends, but also their performance in specific washing conditions and contrasting environments.

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