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Dorene Petersen: The Promise of Aromatherapy

The thing I am excited to dispel is the considerable degree of skepticism regarding aromatherapy,” says Dorene Petersen, founder and president of American College of Healthcare Sciences.

Progress in Essential Oils

Bergamont oil.

Société Française des Parfumeurs Ingredient Exhibition Highlights

The event, which occasioned the naming of a new president, focused on fragrance materials.

Trend Trek

Highlights from the WFFC Excursion in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Report: Fragrances Key to Health and Beauty in Australia

With Australian consumers looking for cheaper products, volumes are expected to grow slightly ahead of value, at a CAGR of 3.7% to 2017, according to market research firm Canadean.

NPD Analyst Asks Why 36% of Men in U.S. Study Don't Wear Fragrance

Brenna Phelan, manager and fragrance industry analyst at NPD, examines why 36% of men in the U.S. don't wear fragrance; 37% reported in an NPD study that they are simply "not interested."

Canadean: Fragrances One of Slowest Growing Sectors in Health & Beauty

U.S. fragrance demand up to '17 is expected to remain ahead of only the hair care sector, but well behind other mature sectors such as men's toiletries, sun care and oral hygiene, says market research firm Canadean.

Unisex Fragrances to Lead Growth in UK Fragrance Market to 2017

Unisex fragrances are set to lead growth through 2017, predicts research firm Canadean. Men's fragrance is forecast to fall below the line for both value and volume growth.

Men's Fragrance On Growth Spurt in Spanish Market through 2017

With a value Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 0.5%, fragrances is set to be one of the five fastest growing health and beauty sectors in Spain to 2017, research firm Canadean predicts.

Odor Representation Changes After the First Breath, Study Finds

A recent study has found that representation of an odor in the olfactory bulb changes after the first breath, and that an olfactory retentivity persists at the central level, a phenomenon comparable to what occurs in other sensory systems, such as vision and hearing.

Italian Fragrance Market Growth Not to Exceed 2% Until 2017

Economic pressures are weighing down results; men's fragrances are expected to grow more than women's fragrances, but not by much, Canadean says.

Report: Consumer Spend Cutback Hurts France's Fragrance Market Growth

France’s Fragrance market, the second most important sector in the country’s health and beauty industry, will witness slower growth as French consumers reduce their spending in an effort to save more, Canadean says.

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