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Report: 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2009

Posted: December 22, 2008

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Weight Management
The third trend emphasizes a “fresh opportunity in a mature industry.” Weight management offers the opportunity for mass appeal by focusing on living a healthy lifestyle instead of dieting and weight loss. The products may offer the fringe benefit of weight loss, but the key to success is to focus on lifestyle. The report notes that the trend towards weight loss and dieting in Europe and America is fading, replaced by more consumer- and health-friendly weight management. Weight management covers consumers who prefer to maintain their current weight or those who may only need to lose a small amount of weight. The key to success in this category, according to the report, is for the product to provide satiety. Satiety provides the instant benefits necessary to create loyal consumers.

Protein, whey protein and dairy are listed as the ingredients with the most potential for growth in the weight management category. Waters, juices and nutrition bars that provide satiety are among the key applications.

The report notes energy as a trend with “new market segments awaiting discovery.” Similar to the concept of weight management being more of a lifestyle change than a quick fix, the report references feeling energetic as “one of the most basic self-descriptions of wellness in health psychology.” Consumers associate energy with health, providing the opportunity to expand a category currently dominated by heavily caffeinated, high-sugar beverages.

According to the report, the potential for growth in this category is unlimited, even with an uneven economic climate. The majority of energy drinks are currently marketed primarily towards younger men, thus leaving the door open for an energy drink focusing again on lifestyle instead of a quick fix.

Ingredients for formulators to keep an eye on: guarana, ginseng, green tea, B vitamins, juice, fruits and dairy.