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PreGel America Predicts 2013 Flavor, Dessert Trends

Posted: December 28, 2012

Specialty dessert ingredient company PreGel America is predicting a number of flavor and dessert trends for the new year, which include exotic flavor infusions, flavored coatings for ice cream cones as well as popcorn, doughnut and alcoholic flavors used in sweet treats. 

Intoxicating Dessert Trend

Next year, PreGel says, there will be even more inventive flavor combinations from alcoholic cupcakes to rum-soaked cakes to wine ice cream. The alcohol-infused dessert concept appeals to diners looking for an alternative to their favorite alcoholic beverages, while also catering to diners who don’t drink alcohol but would like a taste.

The Year of the Donut

PreGel predicts the donut will stake its claim in many shapes and sizes through high-end donut holes, as a flavoring in frozen yogurt or gelato or as a replacement for bread or cakes in pastry creations. Donuts are one avenue of customizable creations that have barely been touched yet, PreGel says, and this trend appeals to children and adults alike.

Cupcake Flair 

Lending itself to the trend of customization, ever-growing cupcake bars are presenting customizable flavored cupcakes ranging from vanilla to lemon to red velvet.

Popular Popcorn

Served savory or sweet, popcorn-flavored options are expected to hit menus in all forms including ice cream, croutons and everywhere in between. This is a flavor that the company expects will be innovated by pastry chefs and gelato masters nationwide. 

Cone Appeal 

The company also predicts that 2013 will be the year of the cone—but not just any cone. Cones have a laundry list of options for customization including dipping them in flavored coatings, rolling them in sprinkles, nuts and other candies, or even filling them with sauces. 

Global Flavor 

PreGel also expects standard ethnic favorites including Italian, French, Mexican and Asian fare will continue to ingrain themselves deeper into the hearts of consumers. The company is seeing more global staples arrive stateside such as French macaroons, Italian hazelnuts and Mexican churros, as the country's palate continues to evolve with exotic flavor infusions. 

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