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Wixon Offers New Spicy Flavors for Snacks

Posted: October 5, 2012

Wixon Inc. has launched new offerings for sauces, snacks, and dips, which can be used for appetizers and side dishes.

The new products include:

Sauce Seasonings

  • Maple Thyme—This sweet blend mixes several spices and savory notes and is finished with a touch of thyme. Applications include: instant or kettle sauces. Creamy-based or sugar-based.
  • Skinny Memphis—Try this honey-flavored and exotic pepper BBQ sauce seasoning for a complex blend of flavors. Applications include: BBQ-style sauces or glazes.
  • Sweet Korean BBQ—A delicate Asian-flavored blend featuring strong soy, savory, and heat notes. Applications include: kettle-style sauces or glazes.
  • Yukon Berry Glaze—Seasoning/Sauce Featuring the robust, sweet berry flavor of the Pacific Northwest, this seasoning is ideal when included in a finishing glaze or sauce. Applications include: poultry or seafood.

Snack Seasonings

  • Chipotle with Cumin—Spicy chipotle and cumin deliver a blend of nutty, peppery flavors with some heat. Application: tortilla chips.
  • Chipotle with Roasted Garlic—Roasted garlic combines with spicy chipotle for a unique seasoning experience. Application: crackers.
  • Frank and Beans—A classic taste, just like you remember. Application: potato chips.
  • Hearty BBQ Brisket—Rich and beefy BBQ notes pack a punch. Application: potato chips.
  • Indulgent Chocolate Coconut—Sweet dessert taste—on a snack. Application: potato chips.
  • Three Alarm Chipotle Jalapeño—Smoky chipotle and jalapeño notes create a kick of a blend. Application: crackers.

Dip Seasonings

  • Garlic Pineapple—Soy Jack Cheese Featuring Asian-inspired flavors like ginger, garlic, onion, soy, and sesame, plus a bold umami background, this seasoning is designed for topical or mix-in application for “back of the house” restaurant use. Application: cream cheese-based dip.
  • Mango Chutney—A sweet yet spicy blend of chutney and juicy mango. Application: cream cheese-based dip.
  • Southwest Asian Fusion Chutney—A zesty yet delicate mix of spices, plus cilantro, ginger, and red pepper. Application: cream cheese-based dip.
  • Warm Mexican BBQ Queso—This dip seasoning features the zip of BBQ, mild spices, and a bold Southwestern queso profile. Application: cream cheese-based dip.