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Aroma Trades Studies for the 21st Century

By: Tony Curtis, University of Plymouth
Posted: March 17, 2009, from the March 2009 issue of P&F magazine.

The “aroma trades” constitute a global supply chain bringing flavored and fragranced products to enhance consumers’ enjoyment around the world. Within the supply chain is an army of specialists required to maintain and develop the industry. These specialties include: engineering, evaluation, finance, flavor development, perfumery, information technology, marketing and many more. In consideration of this diversity of roles and subsequent conversations among members of the International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades (IFEAT), the need for an overarching framework of skills and knowledge for professionals in the industry became clear. A new academic subject area, aroma trades studies, was required.

What Are Aroma Trades Studies?

For a number of years, dedicated courses have been provided covering specialist topics for segments of the industry, including those in cosmetic science from the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and the IFEAT diploma sequence in perfumery. At the University of Plymouth (Plymouth, United Kingdom), two pioneering degree courses were run for a number of years. Business students could take the BA “Business of Perfumery,” and science students the B.Sc. “Aroma and Formulation Science.” Out of this emerged the concept of aroma trades studies. This filled a serious gap, providing a broad-based understanding of the entire industry and its various technical and commercial facets.

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