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REACH—The Essential Guide

Posted: June 16, 2008

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Communication is key. REACH preparation will rely on effective communication between sales, purchasing and regulatory departments. It will involve extensive training, data collection and migration. The finance department will also need to ensure sufficient funds are in place for testing, compensation of existing data holders and the registration process. 

Secondly, confidentiality will be an issue with so much dialogue between different members of the supply chain. According to REACH, any details that undermine commercial interests will not be passed on but information relating to safety will never be confidential. 

Finally, the costs of compliance will be significant. The authorities are making concessions mindful of the number of SMEs that will be affected. However, there will be financial implications at every stage of REACH that must be considered carefully. Some of these costs may have to be passed along the supply chain, making it essential to keep abreast of any product margin developments that are business critical.


There is no doubt that REACH will have a huge impact on the European chemical industry. In fact, it has already had a huge affect on the flavor and fragrance industry; many competitors are finding ways to work together to reach a common goal. However, despite its challenges, the regulation will offer significant benefits, improving safety and preserving the environment. With careful and advanced preparation, companies can ensure they comply with REACH and continue to run their business effectively and efficiently.