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FEMA Updates GRAS Interim List

Posted: September 6, 2012

The Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) has updated its generally recognized as safe (GRAS) interim list. 

The interim GRAS list* now includes:

FEMA# 4730 O‐ETHYL S‐1‐METHOXYHEXAN‐3‐YL CARBONOTHIOATE; Synonyms: Carbonothioic acid, S‐[1‐(2‐Methoxyethyl)butyl] O‐ethyl ester

FEMA# 4732 1,5‐OCTADIEN‐3‐OL; Synonyms: Octa‐1,5‐dien‐3‐ol

FEMA# 4735 (4Z, 7Z)‐TRIDECA‐4,7‐DIENAL; Synonyms: (Z,Z)‐4,7‐Tridecadienal, cis,cis‐4,7‐Tridecadienal, (4Z,7Z)‐Tridecadienal  

FEMA# 4741 N1‐(2,3‐DIMETHOXYBENZYL)‐N2‐(2‐(PYRIDIN‐2‐YL)ETHYL)OXALAMIDE; Synonyms: Ethanediamide, N1‐[(2,3‐dimethoxyphenyl)methyl]‐N2‐[2‐(2‐pyridinyl)ethyl]‐ 

FEMA# 4745 (±)‐6‐METHOXY‐2,6‐DIMETHYLHEPTANAL; Synonyms: 6‐Methoxy‐2,6‐dimethylheptanal

FEMA# 4751 (R)N‐(1‐METHOXY‐4‐METHYLPENTAN‐2‐YL)‐3,4‐DIMETHYLBENZAMIDE; Synonyms: Benzamide, N‐[(1R)‐1‐(methoxymethyl)‐3‐methylbutyl]‐3,4‐dimethyl‐


FEMA# 4759 1-CYCLOPROPANEMETHYL-4-METHOXYBENZENE; Synonyms: 1-(Cyclopropylmethyl)-4-methoxybenzene Benzene, 1-(cyclopropylmethyl)-4-methoxyAnisole, p-(cyclopropylmethyl)

FEMA# 4765 ETHYL 5-FORMYLOXYDECANOATE; Synonyms: Decanoic acid, 5-(formyloxy)-, ethyl ester

FEMA# 4770 MEYER LEMON OIL, COLD PRESSED; Synonyms: Citrus x meyeri

FEMA# 4774 4-AMINO-5-(3-(ISOPROPYLAMINO)-2,2-DIMETHYL-3-OXOPROPOXY)-2- METHYLQUINOLINE-3-CARBOXYLIC ACID; Synonyms: 3-Quinolinecarboxylic acid, 4-amino-5-[2,2-dimethyl-3-[(1-methylethyl)amino]-3- oxopropoxy]-2-methy

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*Primary names (in all capital letters) and synonyms (in lowercase)