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Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

Gerard Mosciano

Materials Evaluated: Basmati Brown Rice Distillate (Mooreganics by A.M. Todd); Benzyl Cinnamate (SAFC); Butyl Hexanoate (Fleurchem); 2,5-Dimethyl Furan (SAFC); Ethyl 4-Pentenoate (Bedoukian Research Inc.); 2-Hepten-4-one (Fontarome Chemical Inc.); Lemon Fresh (Lionel Hitchen (Essential Oils) Ltd.); 1-Methyl-2,3-cyclohexadione (Treatt); Nerolidol (Charabot); 3-Nonanone (Bedoukian Research Inc.); Olive Oil Distillate (Mooreganics by A.M. Todd); 2,4,5-Trimethyl-delta-3-oxazoline (Oxford Chemicals Ltd.); Tuscan Herb Soluble Oleoresin (Lionel Hitchen (Essential Oils) Ltd.)

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