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Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: July August 2005

By: Gerard Mosciano
Posted: June 22, 2005, from the July 2005 issue of P&F magazine.

Gerard Mosciano is joined by Judith Michalski, senior creative flavorist, Edlong Flavors; Carl Holmgren, chief creative flavorist, director of flavor development, Brooklyn by Perfetti Ltd.; and Douglas Young, principle flavorist, Symrise, in the organoleptic evaluations presented here.

Barley Malt Distillate Natural Source: Moore Ingredients Odor: @ 100 percent. Sweet, warm, strong brown malt, cooked, syrupy caramel and cooked with tomato and vegetative notes, molasses-like, cooked beer wort and fermented with a sweet raisin after note. Taste: @ from 0.05-0.10 percent. Strong sweet, lingering malty molasses, toasted bready, slightly sugar syrupy-like with a fermented beer nuance. Fruity raisin and prune-like with honey and yeasty nuances.

Diethyl Succinate Natural Source: IFF FEMA# 2377, CAS#123-25-1 Natural occurrence: Apple, cocoa, grape brandy, whiskey and wine. Odor: @ 1.0 percent. Fruity, waxy, floral and slightly musty.

The piece also discusses the following:

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