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Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

By: Gerard Mosciano
Posted: September 26, 2006, from the October 2006 issue of P&F magazine.

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Materials evaluated: Absolute Pine Needle; Cassia Super Soluble S/S; 2-Hexyl Thiophene; Infusion Chinotto; 2-Mercaptoanisole [synonym: 2-(Methoxy)-Benzene-1-Thiol]; 2-Methyl Piperidine 98%; Oleic Acid; Oleoresin Vanilla Bourbon Twentyfold; Orange Oil Fivefold; Styrallyl Acetate (synonym: Methyl Phenyl Carbinyl Acetate and Gardenol); Treattarome Cantaloupe Melon; Treattarome Tomato; 2,3,5-Trimethyl Pyrazine.

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