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Essential Reference on Essential Oils

Posted: March 4, 2008

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Brian M. Lawrence was born in London, England in 1939. He began his academic career in 1960 after winning a Fulbright Scholarship to study chemistry in the United States. Following this, he relocated to Toronto, Ontario to do basic research on spices and herbs at Stange Canada Ltd. In 1978 he earned a doctorate in pharmacognosy at the State University in Groningen, Netherlands. 

After completion of his academia, he returned to the United States to work for various divisions of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. In 1979, he assumed the position of Director of Research and Development for the Avoca Division. In 1984, he became Manager of the Flavor Division for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, and held the position for six years. The culmination of his career came in 2000 when he was promoted to Senior Principal Scientist/Manager for the Flavor Division within the same company. Following his retirement in 2003, he established a consultancy business that is still in operation today. 

Lawrence has published more than 80 original articles and reports. Since 1976, he has held the position of scientific editor of Perfumer and Flavorist magazine, for which he has written more than 200 reviews for the “Progress in Essential Oils” section. Additionally, he has published ten books and eighteen book chapters on essential oils. He acted as senior editor for the proceedings of the 10th International Congress of Essential Oils, Flavors and Fragrances. In 1989, Lawrence and Stanley Allured created the Journal of Essential Oil Research, an international peer reviewed journal published by Allured Publishing Corporation, of which he remains editor in chief. He also edited the book Mint: The Genus Mentha, 2007. 

In 1984, Lawrence was the first recipient of the “Distinguished Service Medal” of IFEAT. He also received the “Medal of Honor” from the University of Messina for his studies on essential oils in 2004.

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