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A Virtual Supper: Specialty Chemicals and Distinctive Flavors

Posted: February 6, 2007

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Dessert indulgence can be created through the combination of 2-phenyl-2-butenal and 2-ethylpyrazine. Adding roast chocolate notes, 2-phenyl-2-butenal is naturally found in cocoa and roast nuts and can be used in a variety of applications where a nutty flavor is desired. 2-Ethylpyrazine contributes buttery and peanut aromas to a wide range of flavors.

3. Refreshment tea

3-methyl-2,4-nonanedione, FEMA# 4057

Light refreshment is provided by 3-methyl-2,4-nonanedione, a high-impact specialty aromatic chemical suitable for use in tea, honey and parsley formulations. Found naturally occurring in dry green and black tea as well as dry parsley, 3-methyl-2,4-nonanedione imparts hay-like green notes. Recommended usage levels range from 0.0003 – 0.001 ppm in non-alcoholic beverages, with 0.001 ppm the suggested dosage in instant tea and coffee.