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Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

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In this monthly column, senior flavorist Gerard Mosciano describes the odor, taste and suggested applications for several materials.

For example, Acai 10 X Concentrated Clarified Juice, from American Fruit Processors is Described as follows: Sweet, brown, prunelike with acidic grape, raisin, cranberry and elderberry notes, and a hint of tamarind. Possible applications are in grape beverages, prune, raisin, cranberry, elderberry, tamarind and other various berry complexes.

This edition features discussions of Acai 10 X Concentrated Clarified Juice, α-Furfuryl Pentanoate, Butyl 2-Methyl Butyrate, Cinnamyl Cinnamate Natural, Ethyl 2-Acetyl-3-Phenyl Propionate, Ethyl 3-Mercapto Propionate, 5-Methyl-5-Hexen-2-One, 6-Methyl Quinoline, Para Ethoxy Benzaldehyde, Para Methyl Benzyl Acetate, Propenyl Propyl Sulfide, Para Vinyl Phenol, Pyrazine Ethanethiol and -(2,4-Dithia-1-Methyl-8-Oxabicyclo-(3,3,0)-Octane (synonym: Spiro Cyclopentane).

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