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Flavor Chocolate Trends from 2007

By: Joanna Peot, Mintel
Posted: November 10, 2008

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Almond followed just behind strawberry as the third leading flavor for new chocolate products launched in Asian countries in the past year. Whittaker’s Gold Almond Milk Chocolate Bar in Singapore claims to contain fresh roasted almonds for maximum flavor.

Europe: Hazelnut

In Europe, hazelnuts filled new chocolate products, dominating as the second top flavor for the region. Hazelnuts were featured in the most ordinary chocolate bars, such as Sölen Chocolove in Turkey. The chocolate-covered wafers come filled with hazelnut cream. 

Pairing beautifully with rich European chocolate, hazelnut-flavored fillings also feature prominently in specialty and seasonal chocolates. In Finland, Fazer’s Geisha Milk Chocolates with Hazelnut Filling are available only for Valentine's Day 2008.

Latin America: Almond