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Apr 22, 2016 | 09:52 AM CDT

Not Just for Summer, Consumers Hanker for S’mores Now

Comax Flavors Smores

Comax Flavors introduces two natural S’mores flavors to meet consumer demand for this popular campfire treat.

Mar 31, 2016 | 04:20 PM CDT

ADM Gets Wild with New Creative Flavor Center

ADM new facility outside Cranbury, New Jersey

Archer Daniels Midland Company celebrates the opening of its new flavor creation, application and customer innovation service facility. Customers will now be able to visit the site to successfully create flavors and ingredients to add to their products.

Mar 11, 2016 | 12:45 PM CST

Patent Pick: Better Beer

Beer bubbles

Just in time for St. Patty's Day, the inventors on this patent have developed an additive consumers can use to improve the flavor and aroma sensory profile of beer.

Feb 29, 2016 | 03:52 PM CST

Now Hiring: Flavorist at PepsiCo

PepsiCo is hiring for their sweetener and savory flavorist teams.

Feb 08, 2016 | 02:50 PM CST

Yogurt Drinks Across Borders


A recent report showed global yogurt drinks to be rising in markets across various regions, but declining in others.

Feb 05, 2016 | 01:23 PM CST

Sip Up on Beverage Trends


Symrise collected the top 10 beverage trends for 2016 from around the web, including new flavors and a potentially new beverage category.