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Vodka Mixes it up with a Twist of Flavor

Posted: June 26, 2007

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Other producers and distillers are also upping the ante by adding inventive new flavor variations to their existing line-ups. Royal Dirkzwager Distilleries in Schiedam, Holland, has a few standouts from its Van Gogh Vodka range. These include Acai-Blueberry, Banana, Mojito Mint, Pomegranate and Dutch Chocolate, as well as the uniquely caffeinated Espresso and Double Espresso variations. 

Hamptons Vodka, available in 100% fruit flavors with no carbs, sugar, preservatives or syrup, has added a few interesting twists to their vodka as well, namely Banana, CherryVanilla and ChocoRaspberry. The ChocoRaspberry is produced from real black raspberries and imported chocolate. This is a great example of the trend towards flavor fusion, or the combining of complimentary flavors to create a more complex tasting experience. In fact, all of Hampton’s flavors are melded (or fused) with the vodka rather than infused (soaked or steeped), to create a multi-layered taste.

Pear, as mentioned earlier, is also making its way onto the scene. Grey Goose recently launched its newest addition, La Poire, which is subtly flavored with the essence of the Anjou pear. Absolut added Absolut Pears to its arsenal of flavors in January of this year, a vodka with a fresh delicate taste and no added sugar or sweeteners.

Flavors Behind the Bar

While all of these flavors can be enjoyed on their own, they also act as inspiration for adventurous flavor mixes, allowing for an unlimited selection of fun, new cocktail offerings. Mintel Menu Insights, a division of Mintel that tracks restaurant flavor trends, offers a look into the creative vodka concoctions currently being served behind the bar.