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Superfruit Flavors: Beyond Beverages

Posted: September 2, 2008

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Beyond beverages, yogurt has been host to a range of acerola incorporations globally. In Ireland, for example, Yoplait launched its Superfruits Probiotic Yogurt line earlier this month in a Peach and Acerola flavor, which helps regulate digestion while providing a boost through antioxidant vitamin C. 

Superfruits have gained momentum and proven their sustainability in the increasingly health-minded consumer marketplace over recent years. The growing popularity of emerging, lesser-known superfruits has been bolstered by the success of more popular variants such as blueberry, pomegranate and açai, which paved the way for consumer familiarity and interest in the multitude of benefits these fruits provide. Goji berry, mangosteen and acerola are just a few of the emerging superfruits gaining in popularity, and as consumers continue to be educated about the functional benefits of these fruits, they will likely continue expanding to more food and beverage segments.

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