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Green Tea is Gaining Ground

Posted: August 15, 2008

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Launched in July 2008 in the United States, Saké2me Green Tea Junmai Saké claims to be the first bottled drink to blend pure, premium imported Junmai saké with all-natural Asian flavors for a lightly sparkling, refreshing taste. The green tea has notes of lemongrass and honey to compliment the sake, which contains no sulfites and is naturally brewed with no distilled alcohol. In Canada, a similar flavored alcoholic beverage was recently launched, this time incorporating the goodness of pomegranate with green tea. Woody’s Pomtini Pomegranate & Green Tea Alcoholic Fruit Drink is a summertime cooler that boasts a unique and refreshing formulation.

Green tea use in the beverage category continues to grow, with global product introductions in 2008 poised to far exceed those of last year. As consumers continue to be concerned with overall health and wellness, the demand for products incorporating green tea is likely to continue this trajectory. Its light flavor and scent make this ingredient a prime addition to beverages in diverse categories, and the inherent goodness of green tea provides healthy clout to beverages that may not otherwise be considered salutary choices.

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