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Green Tea is Gaining Ground

Posted: August 15, 2008

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Team Green

As the virtues of green tea consumption continue to be explored, it is no surprise that this ingredient has quickly found its way into the sports and energy drink sector. Touted for its inherent energizing effects, green tea is an ideal natural replacement for traditional sports and energy drink ingredients that are often associated with unpleasant flavor and potential side effects.

In the United States, Fuel Cell Lemon Green Tea Sugar-free Energy Shooter can be consumed straight from the bottle or mixed with cocktails, soda, juice or water. Fuel Cell Energy Shots are also available in juicy citrus, wild berry and tropical fruit flavors, all of which are fortified with green tea extract, minerals, electrolytes, vitamins and guarana. In the Czech Republic, Nutrend Thermo Booster Green Tea and Elderflower Sport Drink is a sugar-free, non-carbonated beverage positioned for active men; it contains green tea and L-carnitine to create an energizing, fat burning effect.

Cocktail Hour

As consumer interest in new and exciting cocktails persists, both the retail and food service sectors have experimented with an array of ingredients not typically associated with alcoholic beverages. Although retail libations haven’t dabbled too heavily in green tea flavors yet, it is likely that more beverages in the sector will embrace this ingredient as a unique flavor component in spirits, flavored alcoholic beverages and beer.