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5 Stories You Missed This Week

Busy week? Catch up on industry news you might have missed.

FDA's New Food, Drug Commissioner Focuses on 'Science Base'

Robert M. Califf has previously served as the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for medical products and tobacco.

Patent Pick: Better Beer

Just in time for St. Patty's Day, the inventors on this patent have developed an additive consumers can use to improve the flavor and aroma sensory profile of beer.

Symrise Shows 2015 Growth, Prepped for the Year

Symrise showed a significant gain in sales and earnings in 2015.

Weekly Recap: In Case You Missed It

Worried you might have missed some stories? Catch up here.

Naturex Innovates For The Future

Naturex announces the launch of Ingenium, a collaborative initiative to improve R&D and the supply chain.

GMO Labeling Debate Heats Up in Washington

Proposed genetically modified organism (GMO) labeling legislation has been a hot topic among Washington lawmakers lately as a number of bills addressing the issue continue to gain ground.

In Memoriam: Dallas Stokes

Dallas R. Stokes, Mane, passed away on Monday, February 22, 2016.

Patent Pick: Chew on This

Improving the chewing texture of flavored, soft, sugar-free candy, Crown Confectionary has applied for a patent on a formula that reduces the stickiness and adhesion to teeth.

Patent Pick: Parsley Power

Think parsley is merely a sprig of green on the greater dinner plate of humanity? Think again. These inventors, from Takasago, have taken note of its antioxidant effects and are using it to suppress flavor degradation.

Patent Pick: Fully Loaded Flavor

"Loaded with flavor" is a phrase the inventors at Pepsico meant literally when they developed this aerogel invention. It is capable of carrying high flavor loads, helped by supercritical CO2.

Does Food Science Pay Women Enough?

Has the pay gap changed between genders in food science?

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