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FEMA Updates GRAS List

Includes three ingredients and a change in FEMA GRAS status for quinoline (FEMA# 3470).

FDA Proposes Rule to Extend its Authority over E-cigarettes

The proposed rule, which includes requiring ingredient listings of e-cigarettes to be registered with the FDA, will be available for public comment for 75 days.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: May 2014

Juniper berry extract, carob beans oleoresin, oil blood orange Italian 5-fold, hyssop oil, 4-acetyl-2-methyl pyrimidine and more.

Sustainability Perspectives

Industry experts discuss how sustainability is changing their jobs, their companies and the broader F&F industry.

Picking Up the Pace in Flavor

How the tempo of new innovation and shorter product lifecycles is changing the flavorist’s job.

Exploring Citrus Diversity to Create the Next Generation of Citrus Flavors

The diversity of citrus is not well understood, allowing room for new, compelling discoveries in tonalities.


Sharp, fruity and instantly recognizable as pineapple, this ingredient has unexpected uses in a variety of flavor profiles.

Report Discusses Diacetyl, Occurrance and Toxicity

According to report in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, diacetyl was one of the most intense volatile compounds, for example, in the aroma of pasteurized AA butter.

Pulegone Added to Prop 65

Move "not based upon sufficient information," according to key trade groups.

Study: Smoking Curbs Obese Women's Ability to Taste Fat, Sugar

Obese smokers in the study perceived less creaminess, sweetness and pleasure while tasting puddings than did the other three groups.

Monell Study Reveals Pandas Have a Natural Sweet Tooth

A recent study finds pandas have a penchant for some natural sweeteners including fructose and sucrose.

European Commission Makes New Proposals for Organics

The European Commission has published new proposals for a new regulation on organic production and the labeling of organic products.

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