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Progress in Essential Oils: Turmeric Oil, Part 1

Turmeric is well-known as the yellow, aromatic spice used in curry powder and numerous Asian culinary dishes. It is the rhizome of Curcuma longa L., a member of the ginger family. Part one of this two-part column compares the chemical compositions of turmeric oil with Curcuma aromatica.

Raw Material Bulletin: March 2016

Suppliers from this issue include Natural Advantage and Sigma Aldrich featuring their latest raw materials.

Raw Material Bulletin: February 2016

This month's column features valencene, 2-heptanone natural, thialdine and more.

Flavor Bites: 5-Methyl Furfural

5-Methyl furfural makes the best contribution to the caramel underpinnings of flavors that derive a significant aspect of their overall profile from heated sugars.

Industry Recap: In Case You Missed It

Take a load off and catch up on some industry waves that might have passed you by.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: February 2016

In this monthly column, senior flavorist Judith Michalski describes the odor, taste and suggested applications for several materials. This edition features discussions on honey distillate organic, saffron resinoid, anisyl acetate natural, osmanthus absolute and more.

Kerry Group Reports On Strong Profits

Kerry Group released their financial report showing an increase in trading profits.

Flavour Horizons: FlavourTalk Singapore

This year's FlavourTalk will focus on Asia Pacific's latest raw materials and flavor technologies and formulations.

Organics On The Rise

The Organic Market Report for 2016 was released, showing the area's steady growth into the new year.

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Bell Launches Replacer and Extender Flavor Lines

Bell Flavors and Fragrances has launched lines of extender and replacer flavors as alternatives to ingredients the market is currently lacking.

Wixon’s Mag-nifique Launches Non-GMO Line

In continuation of its Mag-nifique portfolio, Wixon expanded to include a non-GMO option to help modify food and beverage products.

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