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Study Reveals That Color Affects Taste Perception

D.D. Williamson recently conducted an informal taste test with two dozen students, which revealed that color affects taste perception; teens ranked pink-colored beverage as their favorite.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

This edition features discussions of WS-5, Aruscolate, vanille absolute, labdanum absolute and sandalwood oil EI.

E-cigarettes Light Up the Flavor Business

Tobacco flavorists and experts see opportunity in the booming market of e-smokers.

Cooking With Alliums

Maillard reactions with different forms of onion and garlic extracts.

Forward Thinking: Citrus in the Limelight

Citrus’ refreshing effervescence is still appealing to palettes.

Two Challenging Flavor Systems: Citrus Oils and Vanilla Extracts

Delivery options in-use.

Linalool Oxide

The floral, herbal notes of this ingredient can brighten fruit flavors, tea and more.

EFSA Supports Euro Commission in Defining Endrocine Disruptors Criteria

Ahead of a scientific meeting in Brussels, the EFSA issues a written statement saying it’s “supporting the European Commission in defining scientific criteria for endocrine disruptors."

Sensient Offers Sensasalt for Sodium Reduction Applications

This line, which includes applications for soups, breads, salty snacks and more, can deliver up to a 50% sodium reduction, the company says.

Euromonitor Analyst Sees Juice Redefined in 2013

Analyst Michael Schaefer says tailored, "engineered" types of beverage products will account for a larger portion of sales among consumers who are unwilling to compromise on price, sugar content or flavor.

Monell Scientists Identify Key Component in Taste Perception

Scientists have identified CALHM1, a channel in the walls of taste receptor cells, as a necessary component in the process of sweet, bitter and umami (savory) taste perception.

Sensient Adds Eight Bespoke Functional Flavors to APSS Range

The new products extend the company's existing portfolio of flavors used to improve the sweetness profile of calorie-reduced products.

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