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Move Over Maple: Data Shows Pumpkin's Still Hot

Among the fall flavor varieties, few seasonal drinks manage to create as much buzz as pumpkin; it consistently remains high in demand every fall, according to Mintel.

Raw Material of the Week: Mint Piperita EO Cascade SX 983169

Not only is mint a natural ingredient, but also one that is in high demand for its uses in both flavors and fragrances. Firmenich now offers a new mint raw material to enhance fresh and aromatic notes.

Flavor Bites: Pent-3-en-2-one

Despite its limited usage and subtle role in a profile, this is an ingredient that flavorists could make much more use of to brighten an unusually wide range of flavors.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: October 2017

This month's column features organoleptic discussions on chipotle pepper distillate, oak extract American, Black Korakundah tea extract and more.

Forward Thinking: Plant Power

The plant-based market is thriving and growing with activity coming from a shift in consumers’ attitudes and behavior, dairy alternatives such as milk, yogurt and ice cream, nutrition and performance products, meat alternatives and plant-based company acquisitions.

Progress in Essential Oils: Spanish Sage Oil

Sage has been used as a spice and medicine throughout history with its use, growing in a variety of flavor and fragrance applications. This month, we take a closer look at the chemical constituents of pure and hybrid Spanish sage oils.

Editor's Note: A Sense of Real Life

The beauty of the F&F industry is how it enhances our day-today life. With the rapid changes to day-to-day life, due to technology, the challenge then becomes how to develop a personal connection with consumers.

Beyond the Peel: Analysis of Pink Grapefruit Juice

There is very little differences between the peel oils of orange and grapefruit. Both of them contain pinenes and limonene as their major constituents and have very similar analytical profiles. Pink grapefruit juice’s characterizing components proved to show a few analytical surprises.

Raw Material of the Week: Mint Piperita EO Boulder SX 960067

Firmenich has launched a mint ingredient, which can be applied to not only beverage applications, but also in blends with fruit or coconut hints.

Q&A: Amy Marks-McGee Sniffs Out Health and Wellness in F&F

In a Q&A with Amy Marks-McGee, we learn how the F&F industry is driven through various wellness brands and products. She dives in further with explaining how delivery systems and sustainability are driving wellness product development.

{Infographic} How Packaging Prevents Food Waste

A recent infographic from The Flexible Packaging Association shows how flexible packaging can help preserve food and reduce food waste.

India: The Crossroads of Flavor and Fragrance

There are eight magical ingredients that enhance both, traditional Indian cuisine and perfume. Angad Rai, master Indian specialty chef, Trident Bandra-Kurla-Mumbai, and Krishan Mohan, perfumer, share their creations and the role these ingredients play in each.

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