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2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Report Suggests 'Informative Labels'

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are recommending reduced sugar and salt consumption as well as front-of-package food labels on all food and beverage products.

Savory Ingredients Market Projected to Reach $13,295 Million by 2019

Report notes market stability in North America and Europe, growth in Asia-Pacific.

FEMA Updates Statement on e-Cigs

FEMA noted: "There is no apparent direct regulatory authority in the United States to use flavors in e-cigarettes."

F&F Opportunities: the Influence of Latin America and U.S. Latinos

Rising spending power, aging populations, millennial influencers, new ingredients, changing tastes and more.

The Market for Flavors in Emerging Markets

What impact will the dramatic slowing of growth in global food and drink markets over the next five years have on the opportunity for flavors in emerging markets?

Florida Orange Production Update & USDA Greening Investment

Estimates largely unchanged.

Bell Launches New Line of Tomato Flavors

A few of the tomatoes highlighted in this line include juicy type tomato, fresh vine type tomato, sun-dried type tomato, sweet cooked type tomato and more.

Comax Flavors introduces the "Butter Dish" Flavor Collection

The flavors, available in several formulations, include Brown Butter, Butter in My Coffee, Nut Butter, Savory Butter and Strawberry Butter.

Democrats Propose Bill to Establish Food Safety Administration

The bill, introduced by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (Conn.) and Sen. Richard Durbin (Ill.), proposes to transfer to the Food Safety Administration the "food safety, labeling, inspection, and enforcement functions that, as of the day before the effective date of this Act, are performed by other federal agencies."

Bell Releases 2015 'Spark' Flavor and Fragrance Trends

Trends include artisanal products, herbal teas and metal fragrance notes.

Sensient Predicts Flavor Trends for 2015

Sensient's flavor trends for 2015 include Smoked Chantilly Food, African Blue Basil, Maple Mirch (Mirchi) and more.

Flavor Trends, Optimizing Flavor Formulas and More

Select highlights from the annual meeting of the National Association of Flavors & Food-Ingredient Systems.

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