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Studies Reveal Link Between Vision and Taste

Studies show color and vision are strongly linked.

IOFI Dissents EFSA Opinion on Perilla Aldehyde's Genotoxity

After the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) issued an opinion citing citrusy flavor Perilla aldehyde as a genotoxic concern, The International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI) said it respectfully disagrees.

Monk Fruit Juice Launched as Sugar Substitute

Monk Fruit Corp., has introduced Sweet-Delicious monk fruit juice, a new way to reduce sugar and calories.

FDA Proposes Placing DV Percentage of Added Sugars on Labels

The FDAs most recent Nutrition Facts label proposal caps the suggested daily value of added sugars at 10.

Oxford Biotrans Secures New Funding

Commercial quantities of nootkatone available within months; additional flavor materials being explored.

Report: APAC Is Fastest Growing Food Additive Market

Asia pacific regions companies experience rapid growth in both natural and artificial food additives.

Patent Picks—Salt Perception

Patent Picks are compiled by the editors from publicly available sources. The present inventions feature developments to ehance salt perception.

Fat Discovered As The Sixth Taste

Implications for the food and healthcare industry, from enhancing the taste of low-fat foods to reducing obesity.

Sabor in America Brings Latin American Cuisine To The Forefront of the Food and Beverage Industry

Symrise hosts 2015 Sabor in America to highlight rapidly expanding Latin American population in America, bringing food and beverage industry together with flavorists and marketing professionals.

EFSA: Citrus Flavor Perilla Aldehyde is Unsafe, Genotoxic

Perilla aldehyde, a flavor used in baked goods and more that has woody, spicy, citrus taste characteristics, has been shown to be genotoxic in a new study on animals [includes video] according to EFSA.

Savory Flavors Blending Into American Yogurt

International influences—including savory over more traditional sweet flavors—are being noticed in new yogurt product launches.

House Agriculture Committee Says No to State Patchwork of GMO Labels

The House Agriculture Committee approved the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act which calls for a uniform national policy on GMO labeling.

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