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Cannabis Concentrates: An Untapped Market for Flavorings

While cannabis edibles might seem like the most obvious market for flavorists to make a play for, concentrate products offer a new space for new and innovative flavoring suppliers.

F&F Literature Review: Natural Progression in Extraction, Production and Research

A brief look at the literature gives some indication of health and wellness drivers, including natural extraction, production and modification processes; authentication techniques; and even biometric efficacy research.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials April 2018

This month’s column features discussions on cis>-p-menthan-7-ol, 2,6-dimethyl pyrazine natural, cocoa decolorized (PG), whiskey CO2 extract and more.

Flavor Bites: Dimethyl trisulfide

The profile of the dimethyl sulfide series of chemicals changes with increasing molecular weight, ranging from jammy to meaty. Additionally, there are dramatic variations in strengths, which can be used in vegetable, savory and dairy flavors.

Taco Bells Chips Its Way Into Grocery Stores

Taco Bell’s signature sauces will be making its way into the chip aisle with the release of fire, mild and classic flavored tortilla chips.

[video] Firmenich Opens Culinary Discovery Center in Bangkok

The center will bring together the company’s chefs, flavorists and food technologists to work collaboratively with consumers; it will serve as the company’s hub in Southeast Asia.

Cold Brew Meets Wine With Apothic Release

Winemaker Apothic has released its latest Apothic Brew, which features a blend of the smooth mouthfeel of cold brew coffee and the juicy blackberry flavor of a dark red wine.

How Sweet It Is: Comax Releases Sweet Baked Goods Study

The research focused on consumers’ behavior, usage and attitudes towards sweet baked products, particularly cakes, cookies, donuts, muffins and pies.

A Tea for Non-Tea Drinkers from Matchaah Holdings

In an attempt to gain the attention of non-tea drinkers, Matchaah Holdings, Inc. has released SoMATCHAAH!, an all-natural matcha tea beverage line.

Ben & Jerry’s Gives Fans S’more

Taking inspiration from the campfire classic flavor, Ben & Jerry’s has released a limited edition Gimme S’more ice cream.

Symrise Offers Solution for Plant Protein Aftertaste

To address the aftertaste from plant proteins in non-dairy applications, Symrise offers a range of flavor masking solutions.

Tropicana Launches Organic Beverages for Kids

Tropicana has released Tropicana Kids and Tropicana Coco Blends, a series of on-trend organic beverages to address consumer demand.

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