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All too often, meat flavors are hollowed out caricatures of the real thing. The missing middle notes are always the hardest part to recreate. 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran-3-one (FEMA# 3373, CAS# 3188-00-9) has a deceptively light and simple aroma; however, it can be used to good effect as a middle note in almost any cooked flavor category. The present discussion covers this a variety of additional uses for it.

2014 Flavor & Fragrance Leaderboard

Perfumer & Flavorist magazine’s 2014 Flavor & Fragrance Leaderboard ranks the top companies in the industry. It also includes select exclusive insights from key executives on the state and future of the industry.

Wixon's Latest Snack Seasonings Trends Include Sriracha and More

The latest topical seasonings for snacks include organic chipotle BBQ and Twisted Tangerine and Wasabi.

Study: Sweet Taste Pecerption May Be Altered By Stress Hormone

Study finds that sweet taste perception and intake may be specifically affected via secretion of Glucocorticoid (GC) hormones and subsequent activation of GC receptors in taste cells.

Scientists Discover New Genes Involved in Taste and Food Preferences

Surprisingly, none of the genes thus identified belonged to the category of taste or smell receptors.

Comax Releases Wine-Beer Flavor Collection

Comax Flavors created the non-alcoholic "Wine-Beer" flavor collection, which features Muscat Grape, Madeira Wine and Muscato Wine flavors crafted specifically for beer.

Arylessence Sees Trend for Hot-Fresh Combination Tastes

Flavorists are partnering hot spices like habanero with cool tropical fruits, including pineapple, mango, guava, and chicha morada.

FSME Update from U.S. FDA

Operational strategy for implementation released.

FAO Releases "Food Outlook"

Report details shortages and other issues.

FEMA Updates GRAS List

Includes three ingredients and a change in FEMA GRAS status for quinoline (FEMA# 3470).

FDA Proposes Rule to Extend its Authority over E-cigarettes

The proposed rule, which includes requiring ingredient listings of e-cigarettes to be registered with the FDA, will be available for public comment for 75 days.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: May 2014

Juniper berry extract, carob beans oleoresin, oil blood orange Italian 5-fold, hyssop oil, 4-acetyl-2-methyl pyrimidine and more.

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