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Report Shows Aromatic Chemicals Limit Global Warming

The study reviewed the oxidation of VOCs, in particular the terpene α-pinene, under atmospherically relevant conditions in chamber experiments.

Nutrition Facts Label Gets a Proposed Makeover

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing a redesign of the label to "better inform food choices" due to the rise in obesity and heart disease rates.

Döhler Predicts Brazil's Flavors Will Be Hot in 2014-16

Plans for the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016 have been attracting international attention to the wide range of exotic and fruity taste sensations that Brazil has to offer, according to Döhler.

California Senator Calls for Warning Labels on Sugary Drinks

The proposed legislation would place a simple warning on the front of all beverage containers with added sweeteners that have 75 or more calories per 12 ounces.

Flavorcon Highlights: Unusual Flavor Ingredients, Biotech and More

The debut of P&F ’s two-day flavor conference in New Jersey engaged all of the senses.

OEHHA Intends to List β-Myrcene and Pulegone as Cancer Causing

In the notices of intent, the OEHHA said pulegone, a natural constituent of various plants, and β-Myrcene, used in flavor and fragrance, meet the requirements for listing as known to the state to cause cancer for purposes of Proposition 65 under the Labor Code listing mechanism.

EU Removes Certain Entries from List of Approved Flavoring Sustances

A number of flavorings have been removed from the European Union's list of approved flavoring substances due to low volume and/or a need for additional data.

Séralini Report Claims Toxicity of Certain Pesticides, Cites Roundup

Séralini et al., which had previously released discredited reports about potential toxicity of genetically modified maize, have published another report: "Major pesticides are more toxic to human cells than their declared active principles."

Study: Fructose Doesn't Appear to Be Any Worse than Glucose

The study in the Current Opinion in Lipidology also said pooled analyses showed fructose may have important advantages over glucose for body weight, glycemic control and blood pressure.

32nd International Days of Essential Oils & Extracts

Cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, osmanthus, extraction techniques and more.

Humans Can Use Smell to Detect Levels of Dietary Fat

In all three experiments, participants could use the sense of smell to discriminate different levels of fat in the milk.

General Mills Files Patent for Dough with Reduced Sodium Content

General Mills has filed a patent for dough formulations that use less sodium and more health-oriented fats.

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