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Spicy & Sweet With Modelo's Michelada

Casa Modelo has launched a new ready-to-serve michelada, which will combine spicy and sweet flavors.

Organic Bacon Flavoring Signals Larger Non-GMO Trend

Blue Marble Biomaterials has released an organic-compliant bacon flavoring. With the release of this product and others, the non-GMO trend continues to influence the F&F industry.

Flavorcon 2017 Registration Opens, Pre-Show Rates Available

Flavorcon registration has officially opened. Among some of the topics at this year's conference are rethinking sweet in confections, changing technology, the natural debate and more.

Blue Marble Biomaterials Goes Public

Blue Marble Biomaterials announced it is now offering equity shares to the public, expanding the use of biomaterial to a wider audience.

Bell F&F Promotions & Retirement

Bell promoted Diego Navia and Cecilia Paredes and announced the retirement of Hildemaro Montejo after 22 years.

Microgreens Reporting for Duty

Need a blast of new flavor? Or reinforcements for your skin barrier? At ease, soldier. Microgreens are easy to access and grow, and serve as a hero for health and more, packing powerful nutrients and antioxidants.

Wake Up & Smell the Twinkies

The ‘best part of waking up’ is Twinkies in your cup? This new cappuccino flavor is taking a twist on the classic treat.

Wake Up With Coffee Butter

The new addition to breakfast combines your caffeine boost with your bagel. Straight from Japan, MegMilk Snow Brand's "Snow Brand Coffee Soft" is a coffee-flavored butter spread to add a punch to breakfast.

Shake It Off: New Shamrock Flavors Hit the Menu

McDonald's released four new twists on their classic Shamrock Shake, with flavor and texture combinations for all ages.

Quimdis Relocates to Grasse

Quimdis will move to new facilities in Grasse, France in March, where they are expected to expand their capabilities.

To GMO or Not to GMO, That is the Debate

What’s the latest buzz with GMOs? CSIFT held a debate on the growing concerns of GMOs, sharing insight on what we know, the questions we have and the pros and cons of GMOS in food products.

Infographic: Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

Or, "let the good times roll." What better way to celebrate Fat Tuesday than with rich aromas and flavors? Check out some flavors and scents and see what inspires you.

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