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Raw Material of the Week: Burning Ginger CO2 Extract

Some like it spicy, while others like it sweet. Ginger can come in many flavorful forms and Robertet now offers a new ingredient to meet the growing demand of ginger.

FAFAI Appoints Leadership Amid India Tax Changes

Fragrances and Flavours Association of India (FAFAI) has announced several key appointments to its association, amid changes in India’s comprehensive taxes.

Frito-Lay Adds a Crunch With Contest Winners’ Chips

Frito-Lay has announced the finalists for its "Do Us a Flavor" contest, which includes flavors such as everything bagel with cream cheese, crispy taco and fried green tomato.

A Taste of Collaboration and Communication: Q&A with Viviane Vijverman, president of AROMA

In this exclusive interview with Viviane Vijverman, president of AROMA, she discusses the Belgian flavor association's agenda to bring transparency and clear communication with customers and consumers through events such as FlavourDay and collaboration with regional and global flavor associations.

Raw Material of the Week: Lavender Absolute H

Lavender can be utilized in a broad range of applications within flavors and fragrances. IFF LMR Naturals has introduced a new ingredient, which can be utilized in various flavor applications.

Flavored Milk Finds Market in India

A recent report indicated that flavored milk saw 43% of the dairy launches in India for 2016. Among the reasons for growth is an increased interest in the dairy market and consumers looking for new flavors.

Science, Safety and Advocacy: Q&A with Howard Smith, Jr., president of IOFI

"We are still a business-to-business industry, but we enrich people’s taste experiences through our customers’ products," says Howard Smith, Jr., president of IOFI. Read more in this P&F exclusive interview with Smith Jr. who shares his insights on science, safety and advocacy in the flavor industry.

Raw Material of the Week: Kokumi Extract

Who doesn't love a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup? Destilla Flavours & Extracts has introduced a raw material, which can be applied to stews, pies and matured cheese. The material is recognized for its ability to intensify taste over time.

[Podcast] Flavoring for Cannabis Edibles with Sean Arnold of Franklin Bioscience

What do the cannabis and flavor industries have in common? Sean Arnold, senior vice president of product development at Franklin Bioscience, tells P&F in Flavorcon-edition of Two Sense.

Non-Dairy Ice Cream Market Experiences Cool-Down

Though ice cream is experiencing global growth, a recent Mintel report indicated that frozen yogurts and non-dairy ice creams have seen a slip in market share.

What's in Your Garlic Oil?

Since a large percentage of the available garlic oil on the markets may be adulterated, how can a company detect adulterated garlic oil?

A Closer Look at Garlic Oil: Verifying Naturality

This case study takes a look at the challenges on the production side of the garlic oil industry, which has necessitated increased vigilance in verifying the real natural content of this product downstream.

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