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Spiked Sparkling Water Adds Hint of Japanese Flavor

Truly Spiked & Sparkling has released its new flavor that combines lemon with the Japanese fruit yuzu.

Mane Launches Authentic and Fresh Herb Range

Mane recently announced its range of fresh herb flavors, which offers a profile palette for vegetable-based products.

PepsiCo Makes A Splash With Trendy Beverage

Pepsico has launched its RTD water for health-conscious millennials. The IZZE FUSIONS will be available nationwide in three distinct flavors.

Food and Beverage Trends Keynote Kick-starts Flavorcon 2017

Barb Stuckey will be the first keynote speaker for Flavorcon 2017 and will be presenting on macro trends that are transforming the food and beverage market.

Indulge in Western-Inspired Cheese Flavors

Pass the cheese, please. Western cheese flavors are gaining popularity in the usually spicy, health-driven Asian market.

Evolva and Takasago Alliance Complete Second Milestone

Evolva has reached its second milestone with its alliance partner, Takasago, by preparing to launch target ingredients and continue the collaboration into future phases.

Wine Not Try Infused Coffee?

No need for an afternoon “Napa” with a caffeinated beverage out of the Valley itself. Drawing off Italian tradition of adding a shot of grappa to coffee, a Napa Valley café is serving a wine-infused brew with bold flavors.

Spicy & Sweet With Modelo's Michelada

Casa Modelo has launched a new ready-to-serve michelada, which will combine spicy and sweet flavors.

Organic Bacon Flavoring Signals Larger Non-GMO Trend

Blue Marble Biomaterials has released an organic-compliant bacon flavoring. With the release of this product and others, the non-GMO trend continues to influence the F&F industry.

Flavorcon 2017 Registration Opens, Pre-Show Rates Available

Flavorcon registration has officially opened. Among some of the topics at this year's conference are rethinking sweet in confections, changing technology, the natural debate and more.

Blue Marble Biomaterials Goes Public

Blue Marble Biomaterials announced it is now offering equity shares to the public, expanding the use of biomaterial to a wider audience.

Bell F&F Promotions & Retirement

Bell promoted Diego Navia and Cecilia Paredes and announced the retirement of Hildemaro Montejo after 22 years.

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