Flavorcon Videos

Video: The Evolution of Flavor: Interview with John Wright, Flavorcon 2015

How has the flavorist's palette evolved with continuous research and development? We sit down with John Wright, consulting flavorist, who shares his insight.

Video: Richard Goodwin Discusses Cognitive Cooking, Flavorcon 2015

Are computers creative? Richard Goodwin, IBM, shares his insight on how computational creativity can be applied to the culinary arts.

Video: Wrapping up Flavorcon 2015

It's a wrap! Industry experts and professionals exchange ideas and share insight during the two-day event.

Video: Creativity in Flavor with Marie Wright, Flavorcon 2015

How does creativity impact flavor formulation? Marie Wright explains the importance of combining artistry with technical knowledge in flavor development.

Video: Flavorcon 2015 Highlights

Watch the video to see highlights from day one as well as one-on-one discussions with Flavorcon speakers.