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Industry Snapshot: Chicago IFT Brings Flavor Modifiers into Focus

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Chicago IFT Supplier

Shelley Henderson and Marcia Arb (both Abelei Flavors) at Chicago IFT Supplier's Night.

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The Chicago IFT Suppliers’ Night included, in addition to an expo floor, a presentation on flavor modifiers by Mariano Gascon, vice president, R&D, Wixon. These modifier materials, which have little smell or taste, can be used to modify the perception of a food product in order to control costs and/or formulate healthier products featuring less sodium and sugar. Gascon said that one should look at the formula of any product in question and decide what the desired benefit is—sugar reduction, salt reduction, etc.—before deciding on a taste modifier.

He also noted that food spending is decreasing, and this does not mean that people are eating less, but that consumers are more focused on value. Product development, then, has taken advantage of taste modifiers to reduce cost without detracting from taste and extending shelf life by lowering pH. To illustrate, Gascon presented an energy drink demo sweetened with 0.2 g of stevia and one sweetened with 0.1 g of stevia and 0.1 g of Wixon’s proprietary taste modifier, which enhances sweetness and reduces stevia’s inherent off aftertaste. The latter formulation was natural; heat-, retort- and pH-stable; and with no change in texture.

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Chicago IFT Supplier's Night 2009 was held on November 11, 2009 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, Illinois.

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