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Health + Wellness = Latest F&F Trends

Posted: January 10, 2007

A recent WFFC seminar sheds light on changing consumer habits and needs

Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce’s recent seminar, “What’s New in the Flavor & Fragrance Industry Today?” was a wide-ranging attempt to drill down into the world of trends and consumer behavior and determine exactly what the contemporary consumer is really looking for and what forces are affecting these needs and desires.

Intuiscent’s Helen Feygin summed it up, half-jokingly, when she said, “As I’m standing here, my body’s trying to kill me.”

Indeed, health and wellness and all its manifestations play a part in virtually all the key trends in the flavor and fragrance world. People want to enjoy their choices, but part of that enjoyment is couched in the sense that these choices are in some way healthy—a sort of guiltless indulgence. But is this about reality or merely perception?

Health and F&F Formulation