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FMA Meeting with CARB on Air Fresheners

Posted: June 2, 2008

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FMA was asked if it could provide CARB with a list of the solubilizers and their VOC limits and FMA indicated it would discuss this with members and get back to them. However, the FMA is concerned that the enforcement staff would use the list to look for those solubilizers in other air freshener products.

In summation, it is clear that CARB is very serious about these matters and is likely to come down hard on companies that have violated the regulations. At this point, the FMA is not recommending reformulations. FMA continues to assert that 100% fragrance products can and must contain functional fragrance ingredients such as DPGME and that CARB regulations do not specify a maximum use level for such solvents. CARB staff indicated that they were going to have further internal discussions and the FMA should be prepared to answer questions and/or return to California for further discussions with CARB.