The Next Chapter in Naturals: Monique Remy

Why is it that the industry seems to be talking so much about defending naturals, asked Monique Remy (founder of the eponymous IFF-owned natural material boutique) during comments delivered to the delegates of this year’s Centifolia event in Grasse, France. After all, she added, they’re able to defend themselves. Nature is capricious, Remy explained via an English interpreter. It decides quality.

This year’s event, which explored the intersections of the naturals boom, safety and regulatory burdens, ecological sustainability and (most poignantly) fair dealings with local producers around the globe, served as a summit for the fragrance industry to chart the next chapter in the history of natural materials.

What is sustainable development? Remy asked. The industry certainly doesn’t want it to be a mere advertising claim. She argued that the term means taking responsibility for actions, responsibility toward local populations. It is the reconciliation of ethics, quality, health and safety. In other words: protect the ecosystem and reduce poverty. The risk is not for the planet, she concluded, but rather for all human beings. Let’s learn to share.