Black Garlic

Black garlic has become the new sensational gourmet ingredient across the U.S. since entering the mainstream market in 2008. The New York Times noted black garlic as the “New Staple of Modern Cuisine” in their spring 2008 “Design and Living” special edition.

Black Garlic exploded in the culinary world in 2009 when featured on Iron Chef America (Food Network) and Top Chef New York (Bravo). Executive Chefs such as Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin, Bruce Hill of Bix Restaurant, Corton Paul Liebrant and Matthias Merges of Charlie Trotter’s have garnered black garlic as a favorite ingredient.

Bell has created a Black Garlic Flavor to match the new Korean-inspired fermented garlic. Bell’s Black Garlic Flavor contains deep, earthy, and sweet fermented notes without using black garlic as an ingredient. The Black Garlic Flavor adds complexities to sauces, creating a decadent black garlic note.