Cupuaçu fruit is touted as the latest superfruit according to Mintel. “Cupuaçu is a creamy-fleshed and distinctive-flavored fruit related to cacao that grows in the Amazon, known for its high levels of antioxidants.” 1 Mintel said that cupuaçu also contains vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids. “The fruit is known for its high content of phosphorus, pectin, calcium and vitamin C, which makes it an interesting natural ingredient for food products.”

Cupuaçu is one of the most popular fruits in the Amazon; almost all homes have a cupuaçu tree in their backyard. The cupuaçu tree belongs to the same family as cacao but costs one-third less than cacao and has the same properties. Furthermore, according to researchers, cupuaçu has theobromine, a stimulate that is more healthful than caffeine.2

Cupuaçu is a relatively new fruit on the international market. The biggest buyers of cupuaçu pulp in the world today are Japan, Holland, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay.2

Due to the fruit being highly perishable and difficult to store, Bell has created a Cupuaçu Flavor based on the original Cupuaçu fruit taste profiles. Applications include juices, ice cream, liqueurs, creams, puddings, butters, jams, jellies, tarts, cakes, desserts, sweets, candies and chocolates.

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